A Conversation with the Author

“Does anyone really read the About page?”

“Well, it is recommended you have one so just do it.”

“But is anyone going to actually look at it? This is taking up space where there could be brilliance.”

“Why are you being difficult?”

“Fine. Hello, my name is Jonathon Saia. And this is my website.”

“What kind of stuff will visitors find here?”

“Mostly movie reviews, broken into Good and Bad Cinema; movies that are underrated or hot messes, respectively, that I want people to see. Movies are my favorite thing. Film history to be more specific. Eventually I plan on working for AMPAS and the AFI, but for now I am just trying to earn a buck, slumming it in Reality TV.”

“Oh, really? What do you do?”

“No one cares. But my website…”

“Oh, yes, your website…”

“…it also includes numerous ruminations about our culture, various personal pieces about my marriage, and the occasional experimental video. Basically anything I feel like doing in order to express myself creatively. This is its repository. Oh, and my friend Betsy and I are writing a book. One paragraph at a time. It’s a fun exercise.”

“How will people find these things?”

“You will notice in the upper right hand corner of the home page there is a list of categories. They are pretty self-explanatory.”

“Tell them how often you will be posting. I read they want to know that too.”

“They – sorry – you can expect bi-weekly content. Possibly more often, but I don’t want to box myself into a corner and commit. Besides, there is plenty of great content already you can peruse – especially for these prices.”

“Jonathon, this is free.”

“Oh. Well, then there is no excuse for them not to read it.”

“Right. They should probably just sign up for email notifications now and save themselves the trouble.”

“That’s a great idea! And readers, if you like a post, please make comments, Like It, and share it with your friends. I am trying to get famous here. So spread the word like wildfire.”

Whatchu got to say about it?

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